There are so many fun, fresh ways our bubbly wines can turn every event leading up to the wedding and reception into a celebratory toast with a never ending stories of the perfect experience!

     Refreshing, elegant, and toast-worthy—Zulu 8 sparkling wine is the perfect choice for your wedding celebrations.!

 .      The BubblyBride!!       


The Perfect Choice for any ocassions and events.

Refreshing, elegant, and toast-worthy—Zulu 8 sparkling wine is the perfect choice for your wedding celebrations. From  traditional marriage, church wedding, wine carrying, parents get together etc etc. mimosas at the bridal shower to raising a glass at the reception, Zulu 8’s classy taste and, fruity flavours - make it an ideal complement to your big day.
•First impressions count: When your guests arrive, start off the evening by serving our sophisticated, Cherry Red Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.
•Taste the rainbow: Keep your design scheme on-point with a spectrum of color-appropriate sparkling cocktails.
•Match made in heaven: Serving meat, fish or vegetable options at your dinner? Try referencing our pairing guidelines to find the perfect wine to serve.
•Take your seat: Liven up yourself get a bottle of a zulu8  for the perfect take home treat

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