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ZULU8 Wine Pairing Guide

You'd expect a Cabernet Sauvignon/ Shiraz and a Sauvignon Blanc to go better with different foods. But did you know that two sparkling wines made from the same grape variety can have remarkably different aromas, flavors and food pairings?

The complexity and individuality of  Zulu8  wines, both sparkling Red and white,  make them particularly well suited to serving with food.  Our guide will help you get to know the varieties that we produce and plan your entertaining menus around them.............Learn More.


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    ZULU 8 Pinotage ZULU 8 Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz ZULU 8 Cabernet Sauvignon ZULU 8 Shiraz.

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    Safeps .Investments was established in 19th December 2001, and is proud to serve the great Nigeria and West African Countries for now. We offer the largest selection of high quality international wines, mostly from South Africa..

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    Safeps Investment Ltd has been into Auto parts and Accessories Since 1995 and was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja on 19th December 2001. We also import used cars from Germany with many outlet within Nigeria.

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