Our Giant Strides to Greatness

Companies mature as wine gets better with time so also we will Grow to meet the needs of our customers with our very best services. . ZULU8! is the original South Africa wine range with a royal touch. It's among one of the world's finest red wines! that is why we are proud to be associated with the label ZULU 8...


Safeps Investment Ltd has been into Auto parts and Accessories Since 1995 and was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja on 19th December 2001. We also import used cars from Germany with many outlet within Nigeria with the workforce increasing to 15 internal employers plus other external merchandisers within Nigeria. Our company research reveals a great demand for South African Wines by the Nigerian wine lovers, and decided to expand its tentacles by engaging into partnership with one of the Leading South African Wine Makers WATER STONE WINES for importation of Red Wine in the Nigerian Market. The company is growing to become one of the leading Nigeria fine wine merchants as well as a rapidly growing international customer base. Our product offering covers all the traditional wine growing regions of South Africa plus selected wines from outside South Africa. In other to fully developed marketing network within Nigeria, we need distributors all over Nigeria especially in Onitsha Eastern Nigeria, Northern Nigeria, and Southern Nigeria. We aim to distribute the world of fine wine accessible to a broader audience; Safeps has promoted an unstuffy and innovative approach to selling fine wine for both consumption and investment. Interested distributors are expected to contact us for immediate evaluation and consideration.

History of the ZULU 8 Wine Series

Zulu 8 Cabernet Sauvignon/shiraz Red Wine and Zulu 8 Pinotage Red wines! are an exclusive series representing the best South African varieties. “zulu” means “Hail to the King” and the brand name was started in 2008 by the Zulu king and local business people. Apart from wines, Safeps investment specializes in the importation of high quality spare parts and accessories, heavy duty equipments and electrical parts – all endorsed by the Standards Organization of Nigeria.

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History of the Safeps Investment Group.

Established on 19th December 2001, SAFEPS INVESTMENT has grown to become one of the leading global Import Merchants with offices in Lagos, Onitsha , Aba, Port Harcourt and South Africa .